Mila van Mourik

Hello, my name is Mila van Mourik and I am 9 years old.
I show dogs since I am 6 years old and I really like it and do it with much pleasure. In the future I hope to do the same things as my big sister, because she is an example for me.
My passion for the dogs is to play with them and something to dress them ;)
When I am 10 years I can finally enter the Junior Handling and I hope to get to the final!

The Pekingese is the breed I like very much, they are so sweet and I can comb and cuddle them. And on the show may groom the Pekingese of Marko and Jolanda, I think that's great.

My dream is to also win the Junior Handling at Crufts, but this will not be easy, I think :)



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